Hey there 👋

My name is Bryan McCarty. I'm the Head of Marketing at Orum and run this job board as a passion project.

I was the first marketer at Banno, oversaw all marketing for Jack Henry's digital platform, reunited with the old team as the first marketer at Moov, and built product marketing at Hummingbird.

Today, I lead marketing at Orum, the simplest API for fast, reliable payments.

During a hiatus I took after burn out, I wanted to see all the fintech marketing jobs in one place. That didn't exist. So, I created it — and Fintech Marketers was born.

My goal for the site is simple:

To help other fintech marketers find the best and latest fintech marketing jobs.

If you have ideas for the site, please let me know. I love talking shop with other marketers. Shoot me a note at bryan@fintechmarketers.com, and let's connect. 🤝